The Truth About Hand Sanitizers and Flu

Hand sanitizers and alcohol sprays do not mix. Just like the common cold, when you have an infection in your throat, flu or sinus area, or some other health problem, it is often easy to blame a flu infection for it. The common wisdom on how to get rid of these symptoms is to dab some alcohol or some other type of hand sanitizer onto the affected area to alleviate the effects of the sinus or flu and soothe the burning that can be experienced with the infection.

However, it is important to remember that these hand sanitizers are not very effective against a number of different infections that can be caused by viruses. Hand sanitizers don’t work very well at all in treating sinus infections, and many people find that it can even worsen their condition if used on their sinuses and surrounding tissue. That is why it is important to consult a doctor before using a hand sanitizer to treat flu symptoms.

The best hand sanitizer to use against a flu virus is a mineral oil-based sanitizer. This is because mineral oil is more effective than alcohol or any other type of chemical for treating bacteria. It kills the bacteria and helps to dry up the mucus that can be left behind from an infection.

But you will need to be sure that you buy a hand sanitizer that is designed for fighting viruses. While hand sanitizers work well against most types of bacteria, they just won’t be as effective against viruses.

When using a hand sanitizer, remember that the sodium benzoate that is often found in many hand sanitizers does not penetrate the skin. It will still be absorbed by the mucous membranes that line the nose and throat, however, which will lead to the irritation that is associated with flu symptoms.

You may want to keep the hand sanitizer in your purse, and then grab your flu medication when the symptoms start to show up. The hand sanitizer will work to clean your hands, and will help you avoid infections with germs that are left behind by a cold or sinus infection.

Although there are a number of hand sanitizers that are available for those who are suffering from flu or cold symptoms, they are not all made equally. It is important to read the label before you purchase to make sure that you are getting a product that is actually going to work against a cold or sinus infection.

The chemicals that are in the hand sanitizer can sometimes be harmful. Many people have also reported that using hand sanitizers can sometimes cause them to have a bad case of indigestion.

Another problem with using a hand sanitizer is that they are usually messy to use. Some people will have more trouble using a hand sanitizer on their face and under their arms when they are sick than they do when they use a sanitizer for other parts of their body.

You can also avoid having this problem by washing your hands thoroughly before applying the hand sanitizer. Some people will worry about coming into contact with skin soiled with the products, but it is probably easier to wash the skin off of your hands before you use the hand sanitizer.

Most people are happy to pay a little extra money for a sanitizer that is made especially for the body and not just for the hands. So make sure you talk to your doctor before you use any type of sanitizer on your hands.

While there are some sanitizers that can help with several different flu symptoms, it is probably better to try to avoid using any type of chemical on your hands at all if you can. Handsanitizers are not going to help you get through your flu, but they are also not going to help you fight the common cold or the sinus problem.